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Peregrine Falcons of the Diablo Region

Peregrine falcons live year-round in the Mount Diablo region. Most active during the annual nesting season (February through July), these apex predators can often be spotted in Pine Canyon, where they have nested for millennia.

Photos by Wally De Young

The nesting areas in Pine Canyon and Knobcone Point are closed to visitors from February 1st through July 31st every year to protect the birds. View Closure Notice


Las áreas de anidación en Pine Canyon y Knobcone Point están cerradas a los visitantes desde el 1 de febrero hasta el 31 de julio todos los años para proteger a las aves.

Peregrine Team Update


Red Tailed Hawks, Great Horned Owls and Prairie Falcons have all been observed making nests and tending to babies in various locations around the mountain. Even the ravens have been seen making nests in Pine Canyon and the Knobcone area, and Turkey Vultures are copulating regularly.  There have been sightings of Cooper’s Hawks, Red Shouldered Hawks and Kestrels.  But where, you may ask, are the Peregrines?

While we are still seeing Peregrines claiming and defending territory in Pine Canyon, we have little evidence of a confirmed nesting spot thus far.   It is not unheard of for a pair to set up house so late; in fact, the breeding season extends up to 6 months in case the birds have a rough start, thereby giving them time to try again.  Because these rocky cliffs are highly desirable nesting locations, we are hopeful that with the arrival of drier weather and warmer temperatures the falcons will be able to have a successful clutch.

In the meantime, the P-Team continues to patrol the area, documenting what is seen and what is not. A vital part of the Peregrine Team’s job is educating the visiting public about these apex predators and the importance of maintaining the closure zones to respect the peregrines’ need for privacy on the rocks.  This is a year-round task for the Peregrine Team, and if you are interested in learning more about what we do, shoot us an email!

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About the Peregrines

Peregrine falcons are the fastest animals on earth and can dive at speeds over 200 mph while hunting small to medium-sized birds in mid-air. Because their survival depends on this speed, even a small injury can be deadly. Only 20% of peregrines make it through the first year of life.

Team Training Day - by Dereck Love

About the Peregrine Team

MDIA's Peregrine Team, a natural history education group, was formed in 2015 to assist park rangers during the nesting closure season. P-Team volunteers tell visitors about the peregrines, their habitat, and the importance of respecting the closure zone. P-Teamers also monitor the status of the falcons throughout the nesting season. Its members hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and include birders, hikers, runners, bikers, and equestrians, all of them nature lovers dedicated to preserving the area for future generations of people, peregrines, and the land we all depend upon.

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Photo by Dereck Love

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