Mount Diablo

Wild Mount Diablo provides a series of short videos highlighting a rare, threatened, or unique native plant or animal. Each clip focuses on the natural history, ecological role, or conservation status, and helps you appreciate why it matters—or why it's cool.


Presented by Mount Diablo Interpretive Association. Produced by Wally De Young, Joan Hamilton, Staci Hobbet, and Kendall Paul Oei.


Wally De Young


Joan Hamilton


Staci Hobbet


Kendall Paul Oei


Brian Murphy

Bobcats definitely help put the wild in Wild Mount Diablo. Take a few minutes to enjoy their beauty and fascinating lives.

American Kestrel: North America's Smallest Falcon

Daniel Fitzgerald

Wild Mount Diablo focuses on North America's smallest falcon, and efforts to help them thrive, which may be having a positive impact on local populations.