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What our Supporters are saying

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"I support the vision of a new educational complex with ADA-compliant facilities at Mitchell Canyon which would make it possible to accommodate school field trips by bus for the first time to the mountain. Our children would have a place to meet and experience state of art displays about the natural and cultural history of the mountain.  A center would offer all students from diverse communities in Contra Costa County access to outdoor education and environmental science opportunities which are not currently available. It would give them a chance to appreciate the rich history and culture of our region."

Lynn Mackey, Superintendent of Contra Costa County   

"I'm ecstatic for the potential opportunities this project may bring to the Clayton Community.  It will be wonderful to have a place where families can come together to explore and learn the rich history of the park and then head downtown for lunch after a hike!" 

Terri Denslow, Clayton Resident & Former Chair of Clayton Planning Commission

May 30, 2022

“For more than 20 years, I have lived in the residential area at Mitchell Canyon. During this time, I have seen the visitation steadily increase. The increase in visitation was especially noticeable during the height of the pandemic when we saw the greatest number of people using parks and open spaces. Even during that time, there were trails and places that you could visit without seeing many other people. In the winter and early spring, which is typically our busiest times of the year, our parking lots may be filled to capacity, but there is still plenty of open space and opportunities for people to spend time in the park without feeling crowded by others. I feel that we still can accommodate many more users without having a negative impact on the land or the visitors who come to the park.”

Cameron Morrison, Supervising Park Ranger, Mount Diablo State Park

May 30, 2022

"Mount Diablo is an island in the middle of suburbia. It is a diverse habitat of cool wooded canyons, oak forest, a grassy savannah, and a wonderment of rocky slopes, home to many rare and endemic plants, as well as several protected and threatened animals. It is a treasure of wildflowers in springtime and summer, a paradise for bird watchers, a challenge to hikers, and until recently, a mystery to geologists. 

Saving and protecting Mount Diablo for all the flora and fauna is of paramount importance, but educating the public, especially upcoming generations as to the significance of biodiversity, whether the smallest microbe or an apex predator like a mountain lion, is also crucial. The new Education Center at Mitchell Canyon will help us accomplish this urgent mission."

Michael Marchiano, Naturalist, and MDIA volunteer  

May 30, 2022

"After many years being in a small, old, and undersized building I am pleased to support the efforts of the MDIA to establish a new  energy-efficient, environmentally responsive, and ADA-designed building that will provide indoor and outdoor education, natural history, and environmental science opportunities to all visitors including students."

Laura Hoffmeister, Mayor of the city of Concord

May 22, 2023

"I believe that the vitality of our natural open spaces is essential to the health and well-being of ourselves and the world around us.  The flora and fauna that exist in Mount Diablo State Park exist nowhere else on Earth, which is why it is so important for us to educate those who visit the park on all that it has to offer.  The new Education Center will do just that - provide an open space, energy-efficient and environmentally responsive Pavilion that will be open 24/7, along with an Education Center that is ADA compliant.  Together they will significantly increase access to the park for the community at large, our nearby Clayton community, and children and families of all ages."  


Kim Trupiano, Clayton Resident, and Clayton City Councilmember

May 24, 2023

"The East Contra Costa Community Alliance (ECCCA) supports the vision of an educational center with accessible facilities at Mitchell Canyon that makes it possible to accommodate school field trips by bus even for children that might be residing in East Contra Costa County. 
The parents and children of families served by ECCCA would have a place to meet and experience state-of-the-art displays about the natural and cultural history of the mountain. 
The Center to be established would offer all students from diverse communities in Contra Costa County access to outdoor educational opportunities which are currently not as readily available. 
ECCCA families and children will certainly benefit from the educational center which is why we are solidly behind the development and implementation of the program."


Solomon Belette, MBA, Managing Director

November, 2023

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