Reimagining Mitchell Canyon

Inspiring future generations to wander the mountain, explore Mount Diablo's biodiversity, wonder at its beauty, and ensure its protection. 

Mitchell Canyon Entrance_JWare
Mitchell Canyon Entrance_JWare

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Mitchell Canyon Entrance_JWare
Mitchell Canyon Entrance_JWare

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Mitchell Canyon Today

Mitchell Canyon attracts 35,000 visitors per year. The location is a popular point of access in Mount Diablo State Park for hikes to the summit or the waterfalls, wildflower hikes, tarantula hikes, organized trail running events, mountain biking, equestrian rides, photography, birding, and geology hikes. Yet, the facilities currently on the site severely limit who can visit the park. The portable trailer, parking lot, and restrooms are not ADA-compliant. Inadequate parking prohibits school buses from bringing field trips to Mount Diablo and there is no space for classes, presentations, or workshops. 

Join us to Build the Mitchell Canyon Education Center

The new education center complex will educate park visitors about the natural and multicultural history of the mountain, communicate safety information, provide access for visitors with disabilities to outdoor exhibits and the visitor center, and create multiple spaces to accommodate K-12 classes and interpretive presentations.  This facility will bring new visitors to the area from the broader Bay Area, specifically reaching out to underrepresented populations through multicultural displays and a new education outreach program.  Finally, the design focuses on the construction of a “green,” fire-safe building to demonstrate how to build for climate change.

Mount Diablo Interpretive Association (MDIA) official Park partner, is leading a campaign to raise $3 million to build this new education center. MDIA is a 501(c)(3) organized Cooperative Agency (Tax ID# 23-7444529) to exclusively support Mount Diablo State Park with a team of volunteers.

Please join us in inspiring new protectors and champions of Mount Diablo by making a generous tax-deductible contribution today. Your gift will leave a legacy of education, protection, and wonder for the present and future generations!

How You Can Help

For more information, email us at

MCVC Concept

Proposed new Education Center to be constructed at the existing site.

MCVC Courtyard
MCVC Outdoor Exhibit Area

Courtyard with outdoor exhibits, trail information and hydration station.

MCVC Indoor Exhibit Area

Indoor exhibit area with classroom-conference room.