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Wildflower Identification Guide

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This list is maintained by Steve Beatty and Steve Smith,

along with our many “Flower Finders” roaming the mountain.

The photos in this wildflower identification guide are intended to help you identify the wildflowers that you may see in Mount Diablo State Park throughout the blooming season. 

The color of the flower is sometimes difficult to classify for a variety of reasons (such as lighting, camera used, or device used to view the picture), so if you don't find the flower in one color category, try another or use site search


Bloom dates vary from year to year depending on the weather. The same plant may bloom at different times, depending on its location and elevation.

Learn more about the Plants of Mount Diablo

Some additional resources:

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Spring Wildflowers of Henry W. Coe State Park and the Inland San Francisco Bay Area, Barry Breckling, 2008

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Mount Diablo Wildflowers booklet, Mount Diablo Interpretive Association, 2006

This guide is a work in progress, conceived and maintained by volunteers. If you have questions or comments about the contents of the guide, please email

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