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MDIA Board Members

  • Steve Smith . . . . . . .  President

  • Mike Brandy. . . .Vice President

  • Dan Sandri . . . . . . . . .Secretary

  • Dan Fitzgerald . . . . .  Treasurer

  • Mark Brauer

  • Julie Braun Martin

  • Leslie Contreras

  • Tere Dixon

  • Linda Kwong

  • Carol Lane

  • Dick Nicoll

Steve Smith


Steve grew up in Danville and has been an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast his whole life. He is a docent, hike leader, back-country rover, leader of the Maintenance Volunteer Group, and member of the Trash Removal Project. He began volunteering on the mountain after completing a quest to hike all 162 miles of trails within the park.

Mike Brandy

Vice President

Mike is always drawn to the outdoors for inspiration and renewal.  As a Mount Diablo State Park volunteer for the last four years, he is currently engaged in co-managing the Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center, always trying to enhance the docent training and the visitor experience to the park.  He also volunteers on the Trash Removal Project (TRP) team.  He usually cycles or hikes every week on the mountain.

Dan Fitzgerald


Dan grew up in Concord with a view of the mountain and spent some time exploring it with Michael Marchiano. When he retired, Dan completed the State Parks volunteer training and became an active member of the Trash Removal Project and a visitor center and roving docent. Dan also enjoys nature photography.

Dan Sandri


Dan has lived in the East Bay for nearly all of his life, and Mt. Diablo has always been his favorite hiking place. Dan has a B. S. degree in Entomology and enjoys observing and photographing insects, birds, reptiles, as well as other plant and animal life. Upon retirement, Dan became a volunteer at Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center, and a back-country rover. Dan enjoys interacting with visitors, learning and writing.

Mark Brauer

Mark has lived in the East Bay for the last 35 years and has enjoyed hiking at Mount Diablo since he moved here. For the past six years he has volunteered his time as a docent and as a rover at Mount Diablo.  He particularly enjoys interacting with the park's visitors and helping them discover the best places to visit in the park. Mark set himself the goal in 2013 to hike every trail in Alameda and Contra Costa counties and after 8 years completed that task.  Of all the parks and open spaces in the East Bay he finds the most enjoyment from visiting Mount Diablo.

Julie Braun Martin

Julie, an educator for many years with a passion for conservation and serving youth, enjoys walking on the mountain and serving at Mitchell Canyon and assisting with publications.

Leslie Contreras

Living in the shadow of Mount Diablo all her life, Leslie has always had a passion for the mountain. She contributes to MDIA as the event coordinator for the hiking program and as co-manager of the Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center.

Terese Dixon

Tere has lived at the base of Mount Diablo for nearly 40 years and has hiked and biked the trails of Mount Diablo State Park throughout that time. Currently serving as the Webmaster for the  MDIA website , Tere is also a State Park volunteer, and is a California Naturalist. Other than cycling with her husband, Tere enjoys working in her dry garden and birding. 

Linda Kwong

Linda has lived in Alamo since 1997. Her connection to the mountain started after a neighbor took her on a bike ride to the Summit over 7 years ago. Now she is a regular visitor on the mountain, often riding 3-4 days per week. Photographing all four seasons and engaging with both the park visitors and staff are her favorite activities. Her goal is for all park visitors to have a safe, memorable and fun experience during their visit on Mount Diablo. 

Carol Lane

Carol is a retired Registered Nurse who loves to be active and find interesting things out in nature. She is an active trail maintenance volunteer and sees trail work as a way to give back for the enjoyment that she experienced as a trail runner.

Dick Nicoll

A long time local resident, Dick loves everything outdoors.  He coordinates publications, serves at Mitchell Canyon, works on the Trash Removal Project, and organizes road repairs.  He has completed the California Naturalist Program. 

MDIA Committee Members and Leads


Lead(s): Dan Sandri

Other Members: Steve Smith

Maintains print archives

Audible Mount Diablo

Lead(s): Steve Smith

Other Members: Wally De Young; Kendall Oei; Joan Hamilton

Coordinates development of Audible Mount Diablo/Mount Diablo "Shorts"


Lead(s): Dick Nicoll

Other Members: Steve Smith

Develops and reviews MDIA contracts

Corporate Governance

Lead(s): Vacant

Other Members: Dan Sandri

Updates and maintains the documents contained within the MDIA Board of Directors Handbook


Lead(s): Julie Braun Martin, Dick Nicoll

Other Members:

Encourage school field trips by adding content to MDIA website that would assist teachers in planning trips to MDSP.


Lead(s): Dan Fitzgerald

Other Members: MDIA Executive Committee

Review financial records and bank statements


Lead(s): Mike Brandy,Dick Nicoll, Julie Braun Martin

Other Members: Judith Parker, Gary Parkhurst, Dan Sandri, Steve Smith

Develops fundraising strategy to support new MCVC


Lead(s): Leslie Contreras

Other Members: Ken Lavin

Recruits hike leaders; advertises and leads hikes in the park


Lead(s): Linda Kwong

Other Members:

Negotiates appropriate insurance coverage and manages insurance-related matters

Interpretive Displays

Lead(s): Steve Smith

Other Members: Mike Brandy, Dick Nicoll, Mark Brauer, Julie Martin

Designs and fabricates interpretive panels and visitor center displays in conjunction with MDSP

MCEC Capital Committee

Lead(s): Mike Brandy, Dick Nicoll

Other Members: Julie Braun Martin, Steve Smith

Recommend architects to prepare conceptual drawings for new MCVC; apply for grants for MCVC

Marketing, Advertising and Publications

Lead(s): Dick Nicoll

Other Members: Steve Smith

Publishes Mount Diablo Review, MDIA annual report, and other MDIA publications


Lead(s): Julie Braun Martin

Other Members: Steve Smith, Dan Fitzgerald, Dick Nicoll

Maintains membership list; prepares membership packets; acknowledgements and renewal notices


Lead(s): Dan Fitzgerald, Steve Smith

Other Members: Linda Kwong (wholesale); Steve Smith(online); Dan (Perishables)

Orders and maintains merchandise to sell at SVC, MCVC and online; maintains inventory; fulfills online orders

Mountain Talks

Lead(s): Mike Brandy

Other Members: Steve Smith

Develops program and presents Mountain Talks

Native Plant Garden

Lead(s): Carol Lane

Other Members: Carole Leadem; Leslie Contreras; Judy Quinlan; Mary Jankowski

Maintains, repairs and replants native garden at MCVC


Lead(s): Mark Brauer

Other Members: MDIA Executive Committee

Recruits and nominates board members and officers


Lead(s): Mark Brauer

Other Members: Steve Smith

Develop and maintain relationships with external partner groups and community

Park Maintenance (MVG/TRP)

Lead(s): Steve Smith

Other Members: Dan Fitzgerald

Coordinates with MDSP the repair and improvement of parks structures and the removal of non igneous material from the park

Peregrine Team

Lead(s): Vacant

Other Members: Leslie Contreras, Steve Smith

Educate public and monitor the status of the falcons throughout the nesting season.


Lead(s): Linda Kwong, Leslis Contreras

Other Members:

Develop a strategy to increase diversity of MDIA board

Trail Maintenance

Lead(s): Carol Lane

Other Members:

Coordinates MDIA sponsored trail maintenance activities and budget

Trail Signage

Lead(s): Steve Smith

Other Members: Dan Fitzgerald

Coordinates trail sign maintenance and installation with MDSP

Volunteers in Park

Lead(s): Dan Fitzgerald

Other Members:

Budget item only: for budget requests from MDSP for VIPP

Website and Social Media

Lead(s): Terese Dixon

Other Members: Steve Smith

Designs, updates, and maintains the MDIA website and social media presence

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