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General Regulations
Park Office Telephone: 926-837-2525

All features of

the park

are protected!

Do not remove or disturb plants,

animals, or geological features.

Donner Canyon Road

The use of drones is prohibited in the Park.

Alcoholic Beverages

All Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited in Park

State laws regarding alcoholic beverages are strictly enforced.

Vehicles / Bicycles

Speed limit: 15-25 mph on park roads; 15 mph in campgrounds or picnic areas.

Off road use prohibited. All vehicles must stay on pavement and are prohibited on trails and fire roads.

Bicycles are allowed only on paved roads and designated trails. Check at ranger station

for current regulations. Park closures occur during periods of very high and extreme fire danger. The closures apply to bicyclists. Helmets are required on juveniles. All riders are encouraged to use helmets. Helmets save lives and prevent serious injuries.

For more information on biking, see MDIA's Biking page.

Gravity Propelled Devices

Skateboards, Rollerskates, Rollerblades and other Gravity Propelled Devices are prohibited.


Dogs must be in tent or vehicle at night, must be on leash at all times when out of your car, and must stay in developed areas only. Dogs are not allowed on trails or fire roads.


Maximum of 8 persons and 2 vehicles per campsite in the Juniper, Junction, and Live Oak campgrounds. Use designated campsites only. Juveniles (under 18) must have written permission from parents. Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 6 am. No electric generators from 8 pm to 10 am.

For more information on camping, see MDIA's Camping page.


Campground reservations may be needed. All unreserved sites are available on a first come, first served basis. The sites will rarely fill up except under exceptional weather conditions and on occasional weekends and holidays.

For more information on camping, see MDIA's Camping page.

Group Picnics

For reservations and more information, call the park in advance at 925-837-6129 x 4.


Restrictions in effect during Fire Season -- check with Ranger. Must be in stoves or barbecues provided -- no ground fires. Firewood gathering prohibited.

Peace and Quiet

Noise must not carry beyond your immediate camp or picnic site.


There are no public telephones in the park. In emergencies, dial 911 on a cell phone or contact a ranger or docent at one of the entrance stations, Summit Visitor Center, or Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center when open.


Fireworks are prohibited.

Firearms / Airguns

Firearms / Airguns are prohibited. NO HUNTING.

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