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Mount Diablo State Park offers an extensive network of trails and fire roads--some are ideal for easy, scenic rides, while others are more challenging, testing both the horse and the rider for endurance and ability to navigate rough terrain.

The Mount Diablo Guide, 3rd Edition

Horseback Riding on Mount Diablo

Most state park trails are equipped with unlocked gates allowing access across fence lines. Ask rangers for current information.

Note to Equestrians

The Mary Bowerman Trail and the Summit Trail above lower summit parking lot.

The following trails are closed to horses:
Two large staging areas for equestrian use:

Mitchell Canyon staging area is located on the north side of the mountain near Clayton, and the Macedo Ranch area is located on the west side of the park in Alamo. Most other trailheads are suitable for unloading horses with the exception of those trailheads with only limited parking along road shoulders.

Water Troughs

Water troughs can be found throughout the park. However, these are not maintained and may be empty. Be prepared and carry water for you and your animal.

Horses have the right-of-way on trails

Hikers are expected to step to the side of the trail and avoid sudden movement that might frighten the animals.

Horse Camping

The park has one approved horse camp, BBQ Terrace. It will hold up to 50 horses and 50 people. Reservations can be made through the regular camping reservation system:

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