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Riparian Birds of Mount Diablo's Mitchell Canyon

By Jenn Roe

A diverse mix of birds is drawn to Mitchell Canyon's riparian (stream-side) habitat, a corridor of close-growing trees, shade-loving shrubs, vines, and other vegetation that thrive along the banks of Mitchell Creek. Birds find ample water here, along with food, nesting sites and cover from prey.

The species found in Mitchell Canyon include year-round and seasonal (summer or winter) residents, visitors from nearby woodland, grassland or chaparral habitats, or those in need of a stopover during migration. 

Those shown here are only a few of the many types of birds seen in and around Mitchell Canyon. 

Breeding birds species in the riparian habitat include:

  • Nutall's Woodpecker (year-round)

  • Black Phoebe (year-round)

  • American Goldfinch (year-round)

  • Lesser Goldfinch (year-round)

  • House Finch (year-round)

  • Bushtit (year-round)

  • Spotted Towhee (year-round)

  • Ash-throated Flycatcher (summer)

  • Allen's Hummingbird (summer)

  • Wilson's Warbler (summer)

  • Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (winter)

  • Yellow-rumped Warbler (winter)

Pipilo maculatus 2 (Spotted Towhee).jpg

Spotted Towhee | Daniel Fitzgerald

Sayornis nigricans 5 (Black Phoebe).jpg

Black Phoebe | Daniel Fitzgerald

Spinus psaltria 6 (Lesser Goldfinch).jpg

Lesser Goldfinch | Daniel Fitzgerald

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