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Tassajara Creek Hike

Reprinted from the MDIA E-Newsletter June 2024

Steve Smith

Tassajara Creek Hike

Stephen Smith

In the dog days of summer, it can sometimes be challenging to find a suitable hike on Mount Diablo. Tassajara Creek trail is a little out-of-the-way for most, off the beaten path, but partially shaded. Please note that the first and last ½ mile of this hike is along paved Finley Road until the new trailhead is built further up. Some consolation is offered in the pastures of horses, goats, geese, ponies and a llama along the way as well as the historic one-room Tassajara Schoolhouse on the drive there. This remote area of the park has many wonderful features including grand vistas of the Tassajara and Livermore Valleys as well as Cave Rocks and Cave Point. Rolling hills lead to a sheltered canyon at the headwaters of Tassajara Creek.

Park on the shoulder of Finley Road and continue on foot for ½ mile to the entrance. You will first hike into EBRPD’s Morgan Territory up Old Finley Road. A left on Riggs Canyon Road will take you into MDSP. Continue for ¾ mile, Riggs Canyon will make a sharp left and begin climbing. At this bend look for an unsigned trail off to the right which will lead you 25 yards to Tassajara Creek. Turn left as you wind along the creek in the shaded canyon for 1 mile. Once you break out into the sunlight again, stop at the picnic table overlooking Bob’s Pond. Continue around the trail loop, now in full sun, as you wind along the base of Windy Point and Highland Ridge. At trail’s end, turn right on Highland Ridge Road, at the fork, stay right back onto Old Finley Road. Take this trail all the way back to the trailhead. Their are numerous side trips you can take including the Amphitheater Trail loop.

This adventure takes you 8 miles with 1100 feet of climbing and is guaranteed to offer privacy, particularly on weekdays. Come early (or late) on weekends for parking. For directions to Finley Road trailhead, click here. For a route map click here. If you would like a .gpx file to help you navigate please download it here.

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