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Webinar: Opossums: Misunderstood

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Robert Linder

7:00 PM


This is an online presentation.


Opossums are a small non-native mammal. It is North America's only marsupial and has an interesting physiology, such as a pouch to hold developing young, and a gestation period of 13 days. Opossums can be seen in both urban and rural environments, and have adapted new behaviors to live in an urban environment. Didelphis virginiana is considered a 'generalist' and has a loose set of cultural requirements that adapt to different habitats. These animals are generally misunderstood and viewed as aggressive. One reason for this view is because they hiss when threatened. Aggression is not an accurate depiction of it's behavior. Opossums are a part of our world, as we are a part of theirs. There is much to learn!

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Tara Rosborough, Naturalist