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Webinar: Migration Cut Short: Local Trout and Salmon with Nowhere to Go

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Doc Hale in 2003 with a 35-pound ’spent’ male Chinook salmon

7:00 PM

This presentation is online via Zoom.

For millennia, the first rains of autumn have signaled the start of the annual run of Chinook salmon, also known as king salmon, in the Walnut Creek watershed. Steelhead and resident rainbow trout begin later, in the fall, winter, and on into spring. But since the 1950's, flood control concerns of fast-developing cities have spelled doomsday for these native fishes. In Mitchell Creek, for instance, the last sightings were in the late 1980's. The good news: restoration of Pine Creek, for instance, on MDSP's western edge, would be "relatively easy" according to our speaker, James Hale, known as Doc, a vertebrate zoologist who has spent 50 years studying the wildlife of the East Bay. Can we recover other creeks, and what would it take?

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Fee: None

Leader(s): Doc Hale, Professional Vertebrate Zoologist

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