Registration Required

Tarantula Trek for Adults

Sunday, September 19, 2021

5:30 - 7:30 PM

Photo Credit:

Mike Woodring


Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center (96 Mitchell Canyon Road, Clayton)


Join Ken and Liz to go dancing with the stars. Step lively though, because the stars of summer on Mount Diablo are tarantulas and the dance is the tarantella!

We’ll start our outing with a spider talk, including some face time with a couple of tarantulas named Scarlet O'Harry and Trumpy. Then we’ll take a nature walk up Mitchell Canyon to dispel any malicious rumors you might have heard about Mount Diablo’s giant spiders.

Bring water, dress in layers and wear good hiking shoes. Bring poles if you normally use them.  

COVID-19 protocol: We kindly ask that participants not vaccinated against COVID-19 please wear a mask.

Sorry, no organized groups. Limited to 20 hikers.

Online reservation required - limited to 20 participants.

Please cancel your reservation if you will not come so that others may take your spot!

$6 per vehicle and $5 for seniors. Exact change only. Payable at the entrance to the Park by the stop sign.



Liz Watson and Ken Lavin