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Wildflower Identification Guide

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Wildflower Identification Guide

The photos in this wildflower identification guide are intended to help you identify the wildflowers that you may see in Mount Diablo State Park throughout the blooming season. The photos were taken by volunteers and do not necessarily include specific features necessary to identify the flowers.

Select a color category below. The color of a flower is sometimes difficult to classify for a variety of reasons (such as lighting, camera used, or device used to view the picture), so if you don’t find the flower in one color category, try another. The wildflowers are then listed in alphabetical order by common name of the plant. Some plants are known by more than one common name, so be sure to check them all if you are seeking a specific name. Don't forget to click the picture to get a closer look!

Typical bloom months are also listed. Bloom dates vary from year to year depending on the weather. The same plant may be in bloom at different times, depending on its location and elevation. The “What Blooms on Mount Diablo” list below lists wildflowers that typically are in bloom during the current month.
Blue/Purple wildflowers
Red/Pink wildflowers

Yellow/Orange and Green wildflowers

What's blooming in Mount Diablo.
Common Name Common Name Common Name Common Name
Arroyo Lupine Bee Plant Amole, Soap Root Brewer's Western Flax
Black Sage Brewer's Rockcress Anemone, Bush Anemone, Tree-Anemone California Broom, Deer Weed
Blue Witch, Nightshade California Honeysuckle Bellardia, Mediterranean Linseed California Bur Clover
California Gilia California Rose Bindweed, Orchard Morning-Glory California Poppy
California Psoralea, Indian Breadroot Canyon Clarkia, Elegant Clarkia Bitter Root Chaparral Clematis, Old Man's Beard
Chaparral Broomrape, Tuberous Broomrape Cobweb Thistle, Venus Thistle Blue Elderberry Clustered Broomrape
Chaparral Harebell Colonial Onion, Single-leaf Onion Bristly Phacelia Coast Arnica, Rayless Amica
Chaparral Penstemon, Foothill Penstemon Crimson Clover Buckeye Tree Coast Range Stonecrop
Chia Cut-leaf Geranium Butterfly Tulip, Mariposa Lily Common Groundsel
Chinese Houses Diablo Mallow, Fremont Bush Mallow, White Coat Mallow California Buckwheat Common Monkeyflower, Seep Monkeyflower
Common Jewelflower, Most Beautiful Jewelflower Dove's Foot Geranium California Everlasting,
Pearly Everlasting
Cream Sacs
Coyote Mint False Babystars California Larkspur Fiddleneck, Small-flowered
Downy Navarretia Foothill Meadow Rue (male) California Tea, Forest Scurfpea Globe Lily, Mount Diablo Fairy Lantern, Mount Diablo Globe Tulip
Harvest Brodiaea Hedge-nettle, Wood Mint Chamise, Greasewood Golden Blazing Star, San Luis Stickleaf
Hillside Pea, Pacifc Pea, Woodland Pea Hooker's Onion Christmas Berry, Christmas Holly, Toyon Golden-yarrow
Honeyscent Navarretia Indian Paintbrush Common Plantain Great Valley Gumplant, Gumplant, Gumweed
Milk Thistle Indian Pink Cow Parsnip, Giant Hogweed Gumweed, Slender Madia
Mount Diablo Jewel Flower Italian Thistle Cream Bush, Oceanspray Hartweg's Tauschia, Umbrellawort
Perforated Monardella, Douglas Monardella Lesser Herb Robert Dudleya, Rock Lettuce, Stonecrop Hedge Mustard
Royal Larkspur Lilac Mariposa Lily English Plantain  
Small California Gilia Long Spurred Plectritis Fern Phacelia  
Western Larkspur Membranous Chorizanthe, Spineflower Goosegrass Bedstraw Mount Diablo Sunflower
  Musky Storksbill Hooker's Fairybells Mustards
  Rattan's Monkeyflower Iodine Collinsia Narrow-leaf Bush Sunflower, Interior Goldenbush, Narrow-leaf Goldenbush, Shrubby Yellow Aster
  Red Larkspur, Orange Larkspur Mount Diablo Phacelia Narrow-leaf Mule Ears
  Red Ribbons Clarkia Naked Buckwheat Oak Mistletoe
  Red Sand-spurry, Small-flower Catchfly Narrow Leaf Milkweed Phlox-leafed Serpentine Bedstraw, Serpentine Bedstraw
  Redstem Filaree Pitcher Sage Radish, Wild Radish
  Snapdragon Poison Hemlock Scarlet Pimpernel
  Spanish Lotus, Spanish Clover Rock Phacelia Self-pollinating Suncup, Hairy Suncup
  Stream Columbine, Serpentine Columbine Sickle-leaved Onion Silverpuffs
  Whisker Brush Silver Puff (seed pod) Snakeroot, Gamble Weed, Pacific Sanicle
  Windmill Pink, Small-Flower Catchfly Slim Soloman, Slim Solomon's Seal Sticky Monkeyflower, Bush Monkeyflower
  Winecup Clarkia Sticky Mouse-ear Chickweed Sulfur Buckwheat
  Woodland Columbine, Crimson Columbine Water Cress Tidy-tips
    Western Waterleaf Whispering Bells
    Woolly Morning Glory, Sierra False Bindweed Wind Poppy
    Woolly-Tuft Malacothrix Fendler's Meadow Rue (female)
    Yarrow Hollyleaf Redberry
    Yerba Santa Michael's Rein Orchid

Some additional resources:

  • The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mount Diablo California, Barbara Ertter and Mary L. Bowerman, 2002Plants of the San Francisco Bay Region, Mendocino to Monterey, 3rd edition, Linda H. Beidleman and Eugene N. Kozloff, 2014
  • The Jepson Manual, Vascular Plants of California, 2nd edition, edited by Bruce G. Baldwin, Douglas Goldman, David J Keil, Robert Patterson, Thomas J. Rosatti, and Dieter Wilken, 2012
  • Spring Wildflowers of Henry W. Coe State Park and the Inland San Francisco Bay Area, Barry Breckling, 2008
  • Plants of the East Bay Parks, Glenn Keator, 1994
  • Mt. Diablo Wildflowers booklet, Mount Diablo Interpretive Association, 2005
  • Jepson eflora:
   This guide is a work in progress, conceived and maintained by volunteers. If you have questions or comments about the contents of the guide, please email:   info CAPTCHA graphic