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The tours feature lively interviews and music with the rush of wind and the chirps, howls, and growls of wildlife, all downloadable to an audio video media player.

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Wildflower Identification Guide

This wildflower photo guide is intended to help you identify the wildflowers that you may see in Mount Diablo State Park throughout the blooming season. The wildflowers are categorized by color.
Select a color category below. The common names of the plants are in alphabetical order. Some plants are known by more than one common name, so be sure to scroll down the list if you are seeking a specific name.


What's blooming in Mount Diablo.
Common Name Common Name Common Name Common Name
Alkali Heliotrope Bee Plant Bitter Root Calf Lotus, California Lotus
Arroyo Lupine Bicolored Linanthus, True Babystars Blue Dicks (white form) California Broom, Deer Weed
Baby Blue Eyes Brewer's Calandrinia Blue Elderberry California Bur Clover
Bird's Eye Gilia Brewer's Rockcress Blue-eyed Grass (white form) California Butterweed, Rayless Ragwort
Black Sage California Milkweed Blue-eyed Mary (white form), Few-flowered Collinsia California Poppy
Blue Chick Lupine, Chick Lupine Candy Stripe, Claytonia Brush Morning Glory, Climbing Morning Glory Chaparral Clematis, Old Man's Beard
Blue Dicks Canyon Clarkia, Elegant Clarkia Buck Brush Checker Lily, Mission Bells
Blue False Gilia Clasping Henbit, Henbit California Blackberry Climbing Bedstraw
Blue Skullcap Cobweb Thistle, Venus Thistle California Cotton Rose, California Fluffweed Clustered Broomrape
Blue Witch, Nightshade Colonial Onion, Single-leaf Onion California Dwarf Plantain Colchita
Blue-eyed Grass Cut-leaf Geranium California Saxifrage Common Monkeyflower, Seep Monkeyflower
Blue-eyed Mary, Spinster's Blue Eyed Mary Dwarf Sack Clover Cow Parsnip, Giant Hogweed Cream Cups
Brewer's Phacelia False Babystars Douglas Sandwort, Douglas' Stitchwort Cream Sacs
California Gilia Foothill Meadow Rue Fern Phacelia Fendler's meadow-rue
Chaparral Broomrape, Tuberous Broomrape Fuchsia Flowering Gooseberry Fremont Star Lily, Star Zigadene Fiddleneck, Small-flowered
Chaparral Penstemon, Foothill Penstemon Giant Trillium Goosegrass Bedstraw Globe Lily, Mount Diablo Fairy Lantern, Mount Diablo Globe Tulip
Chicory Greenstem Filaree, White Stem Filaree Hill Cress Golden Eardrops
Chinese Houses Indian Paintbrush Hill Star Goldfields
Common Jewelflower, Most Beautiful Jewelflower Indian Warrior Hopbush,Western Hoptree Great Valley Gumplant, Gumplant, Gumweed
Dove Lupine Lesser Herb Robert Lacepod, Hairy Fringepod Gumweed, Slender Madia
Greater Periwinkle Long Spurred Plectritis Man Root, Wild Cucumber Harlequin Flower
Hillside Pea, Pacifc Pea, Woodland Pea Musky Storksbill Milk Maid, Tooth Wort Hartweg's Tauschia
Ithuriel's Spear, Grass Nut Owl's Clover, Purple Owl's Clover Miner's Lettuce Hedge Mustard
Jim Brush Red Larkspur, Orange Larkspur Mount Diablo Phacelia Johnny Jump-Up
Kellogg's Snapdragon Red Maids Oakland Star Tulip Lace Parsnip, Hog Fennel
Mount Diablo Jewel Flower Red Sand-spurry, Small-flower Catchfly Pitcher Sage Mount Diablo Sunflower
Naked Broomerape, Ghost pipe Red Stem Filaree Poison Hemlock Mountain Mahogany
Ookow, Field Brodiaea, Fork-toothed Ookow Redstem Filaree Popcorn Flower, White Forget-me-nots, Foothill Snowdrops Mountain Violet
Padre's Shooting Star, Shooting Star Serrated Onion Rattlesnake Weed, Wild Carrot Mule's Ears
Purplespot Gilia, Grassland Gilia Short Spurred Plectritis Shepherd's Needle Mustards
Royal Larkspur Slender Phlox, Annual Phlox Shepherd's Purse Narrowleaf Bush Sunflower, Interior Goldenbush, Narrow-leaf Goldenbush, Shrubby Yellow Aster
Seaside Heliotrope Snowberry Spring Whitlow Grass Narrowleaf Mule Ears
Silver Bush Lupine, Silver Lupine Spring Vetch Sticky Mouse-ear Chickweed Pineapple Weed
Small California Gilia Whisker Brush White Brodiaea Poison Oak
Spreading Larkspur White-Stem Filaree, Greenstem Filaree White Nemophila Radish, Wild Radish
Spreading Phacelia Windmill Pink, Small-Flower Catchfly Woodland Star Rock Sanicle
Tomcat Clover Winter Vetch Woolly-Tuft Malacothrix Sacramento Valley Buttercup
  Woolly Paintbrush, Woolly Painted Cup Yarrow Scarlet Pimpernel
    Yerba Santa Sheep Parsnip
      Skunk Bush, Skunkbush
      Sourgrass, Bermuda-buttercup
      Spring Gold, Parsnip Bladder, Common Lomatium
      Sticky Monkeyflower, Bush Monkeyflower
      Tuberous Sanicle, Turkey Pea
      Western Wallflower
      Whispering Bells
      Wind Poppy
      Winter Cress
      Woodland Woolly Threads
      Woolly Paintbrush, Woolly Painted Cup
      Yellow Flowered Jewelflower, Yellow California Mustard, Yellow Mustard
      Yellow Oxalis, Creeping Sorrel
      Yellow Salsify