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Mount Diablo State Park
Amgen Bike Race
Website Announcement

With thousands of spectators expected to view the race on May 18th, it is important to plan ahead.  Come early and make a day of it with a hike, bike ride or picnic. The Park looks forward to your visit.

Because of the nature of this event, we have limited designated parking and strongly encourage hiking or biking to visit the Park on race day.  If you plan to drive, please arrive early.

 Here are a few reminders:
-          All campgrounds in the park have been reserved. Camping is not allowed in the back-country or turnouts of the Park.
-          The Park opens at 8:00 am and closes at Sunset.  Anyone in the Park before or after hours is subject to citation.
-          The Bike Race will be in the Park from roughly 3:00 to 4:00pm.  They will be moving quite fast and have a variety of support vehicles.  Watch carefully for vehicle and bike  traffic and people walking along the roads.
-          Please Do Not Paint On Roadway, Cleanup All Litter, Do Not Park On Roadways Or Private Property.
-          All Park roads will close to vehicle and bike traffic at no later than 2:00 pm, perhaps soon, if the Park reaches capacity.  This will give us time to clear the roads and make sure all spectators are in a safe location.  The roads will reopen 10 minutes after the race passes.

-          Race spectator parking is permitted in all picnic areas and selected turnouts as follows:
1.      South Gate Road above the Entrance Station and below the Junction Ranger Station.
2.      On North Gate Road along the roadway and in designated turnouts below the Junction Ranger Station.
There is no spectator parking on lower South Gate Road before the Entrance Station or on Summit Road above the Junction Ranger Station.  Park only in designated areas.


-          Spectators are permitted along any of the roads provided they are in a safe location, well off the roadway.  All spectator signage, decorations and equipment (such as bikes) must be safely off the roadway as well.

-          All park regulations are enforced, including, but not limited to, speed limits, Park fees, no use of alcohol, and parking. 

-          Please take all trash with you when you leave or deposit in trash bin.

We hope you have an enjoyable visit!   In addition, there will be tables at the Junction Ranger Station and the Summit selling the limited edition ATOC race day jersey, the regular Mount Diablo Bike Jersey and other selected items.

Biking Mount Diablo

Mt. Diablo State Park Mountain Biking Information
The following information is taken from the State Park biking guide dated January 1997 with modifications.

Mt. Diablo State Park is an excellent place to mountain bike. This guide is designed to help off-road cyclists enjoy the park safely without damaging its sensitive environments. Mountain bicyclists share the backcountry with hikers and horseback riders. It's important to be considerate of other recreational users.

Biking Mount Diablo

Where Can I Ride?

  • Most single track trails are closed to mountain bikes. Mountain bikes may be ridden on paved roads, maintained fire roads and authorized trails. The authorized trails currently open to bicycles are: Mother's trail, Summit trail from Southgate road to Rock City, North Peak trail from Devil's Elbow to Prospectors Gap, Oyster Point Trail, Buckeye Trail and Diablo Ranch Trail.
  • Cross-country riding is not permitted.

Cyclists should see park staff for other rules and regulations concerning trail use. Always wear a helmet and carry water. Hypothermia can occur on cold days while riding down the mountain. Always carry extra clothing. Dress is layers, gloves and hoods are recommended

Follow all posted speed limits. Keep speed on down hill descents to under 15 mph or slower if conditions warrant. Excessive down hill speed can be disastrous. When riding up hill, please stay single file and as far to the right as possible.

Suggested Rides

  1. Juniper to Devils Elbow on Summit Road [paved], down North Peak Trail to Prospectors Gap, fire roads Prospectors Gap, Meridian Ridge, Deer Flat back to Juniper. About six miles. Strenuous. North Peak Trail descent requires technical skills.

  2. Rock City to Pine Canyon via Wall Point Fire Road, up Pine Canyon to Barbecue Terrace Group Camp, short distance on Summit Road to Summit Trail, back down to Rock City. About seven miles. Tough climb out of Pine Canyon to Barbecue Terrace.

  3. Curry Point to Balanced Rock via Knobcone Point Fire Road. About four miles round trip. Moderate climbs.

Some Applicable Park Regulations...

  • The park is open to the public from 8 AM to sunset. Bicycling within the park after sunset is prohibited.

  • The possession/consumption of alcoholic beverage is prohibited.

  • All features within the park are protected. Do not remove or disturb plants, animals, or geological features.

  • Park closures occur during periods of very high and extreme fire danger. The closures apply to bicyclists.

  • Helmets are required on juveniles. All riders are encouraged to use helmets. Helmets save lives and prevent serious injuries.


  • Always yield to hikers and horseback riders.

  • Pass with care. Let others know of your presence. Use a handlebar chime or an audible greeting. When approaching a horseback rider, ask the rider for instructions. It may be necessary to dismount.

  • Avoid the backcountry when muddy conditions are prevalent.

  • Control your speed.

  • Close cattle gates. Do not frighten cows.

  • Do not litter. Wrappers, banana peels, and blown tubes don't belong in the backcountry.

  • Check the rules that apply to open space areas that border Mt. Diablo State Park.

  • Respect private property. Consult the Trail Map for accurate boundaries.

Supplies To Bring Along

  • Helmet and protective clothing

  • Drinking water

  • Snack

  • Tire pump

  • Spare tube, patch kit, tools

  • Mt. Diablo State Park Trail Map

Where Can I Pick Up A Trail Map?

The Mt. Diablo State Park Trail Map, a publication of the Mt. Diablo Interpretive Association [MDIA], can be purchased at park entrance stations [North Gate and South Gate], the Summit Visitor Center, Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center, and the Mitchell Canyon District Office. It can also be obtained through the mail from MDIA or through the Online Store.

Park Information

Address: Mt. Diablo State Park, 96 Mitchell Canyon Road, Clayton, California 94517.
Phone: 925-837-2525.


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