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President's Message......

If you are not already doing so, consider doing some volunteer work for the Park through MDIA. MDIA can use your talents and enthusiasm in a variety of initiatives. You will find volunteering in the Park fulfilling in many ways:

Enhance Park Awareness - As a volunteer working with others, you'll learn to appreciate and work with people. As a result, you'll stay in touch with the Park, its needs and issues. Your Park awareness will grow through real experience.

Gain Self-Confidence - One advantage of MDIA volunteering is that you get practice adjusting to new situations, people and experiences. The more practice you get, the greater your self-awareness and self-confidence. You develop the confidence you need when faced with new situations.

Discover Your Strengths and Talents - MDIA volunteering can reveal hidden talents. You may be able to assume responsibilities or take on challenges you didn't know you were capable of.

Build a Sense of Independence - Volunteering empowers you. Many MDIA volunteer tasks require you to act independently and take initiative. Such tasks give you a sense of control over your own life - you set your goals, make your choices and follow your routines.

Expand Your Social Circle - Ask some MDIA volunteers why they work without pay. They'll probably say they work for the fun of it. Yes, volunteering is usually fun. Remember, MDIA volunteers have chosen their jobs carefully and are appreciated for their contributions. They're doing something for the love of it. Volunteer in the Park and you'll meet people who love the outdoors.

Enjoy Better Health - Volunteering can give your mind, soul, heart, and body a jump-start! You'll be happier and healthier and have a purpose and greater sense of self-satisfaction. Volunteering can even lower your stress level, heighten your immune system and help you sleep better at night. Many people report feeling healthy and content as a result of their volunteer activities. Go ahead, give it a try!

Here is an alphabetical listing of 21 MDIA volunteer opportunities:

  • Board Leadership
  • Database Management
  • Financial Management
  • Grant Writing
  • Hike Leading
  • Maintenance of various Park facilities and Structures
  • Membership Renewing
  • Merchandising
  • Newsletter Editorship
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Outreach Tabling
  • Proofreading
  • Restoring Old Farm Equipment
  • Trail Docent roving
  • Trail Litter pickup
  • Trail Restoration and Brushing Work
  • Trail Signage and Trail Map Development
  • Trash Removal and Habitat Restoration
  • Visitor Center Docent
  • Webmastering
  • Weed removal of invasive species

Now, take a hike and enjoy your Mount Diablo State Park.

Mike Woodring
MDIA President